Client Solutions

Class Five’s Solutions are defined by revenue-making and cost-saving results. Whether assessing your technical environment, getting a technical tune-up or upgrading to a new system, Class Five seeks to optimize your investment while recommending standard procedures for operational excellence. There are 3 core solution areas, including:


  • Technology Audits and Strategic Plans - Technology, like finance, touches every corner of the modern organization. Technology Audits examine your organization’s technology at all levels across functions and departments. Our audit results have revealed thousands of dollars in potential savings by streamlining costs, uncovering dangerous deficiencies related to disaster recovery and proven critical in establishing best business practices to get more out of your technology investments. A Class Five Technology Audit gives you the information you need to make solid technology decisions.

  • Operational Planning Documentation - State regulations are beginning to require Data Security Plans to proactively protect user privacy. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans continue to be a priority of governing boards. Laws are becoming increasingly complex with respect to technology and data protection. Class Five facilitates the authoring of these important documents and can assist you in ensuring that they are maintained on a regular basis.

  • AMS Software Selection and Implementation - Knowing that your association software is core to your success, Class Five takes the necessary measures to move your organization from your vision to vendor selection through the implementation. Communication with staff throughout the process is vital throughout each phases of an AMS project. Our relationships with vendors and other associations allows us to bring a broad perspective to AMS projects and maximize the value to your organization. We also work aggressively with AMS vendors to control your costs.


  • Technology Advocacy - For small groups, managing information technology can be a real challenge. Technology changes fast and there are different options for every given situation. Class Five stays on top of technology so you can rest easy. We start by establishing a baseline and documenting your business priorities. Once this is done, we can work in an ad hoc fashion to manage your various technology vendors, handle special technology projects and keep you informed every step of the way. We do our part so you can make the best decisions for your organization. For example, one of our clients was quoted over $35,000 for a new email system. They have only 10 people on staff. Understanding the contrasting needs of smaller organizations, we placed them with a Microsoft Gold level hosted Exchange provider for less than $150 per month. The outsourced solution offered better redundancy, better security and easy remote access with a savings of more than $24,000 over 5 years on the software licensing alone.

  • Network and System Monitoring Support - To allow organizations to focus on their core goals, Class Five monitors and maintains their technology to support their daily needs 24x7. As part of these services, clients receive monthly reports, listing the proactive measures taken to prevent downtime, problem issues, alerts and recommendations for future needs. We guarantee personal attention for peace of mind with quarterly onsite visits.

  • Association Management Software Training - Once a new software solution is in place, it can take time to get the internal staff up and running. Class Five shortens the time to productivity. Learn from Class Five experts through hands-on training to suit your schedule. Classes are based on your staff’s needs, whether basic reporting or a total management overview. This experience can be especially valuable when teamed with an AMS implementation project. We tailor training to your specific business needs rather than the generic training generally offered by AMS vendors directly.


  • Conversion of legacy applications and databases - Does your organization have critical contact data maintained in various spreadsheets and Access databases? Does making a simple update require you to touch more than one database? Our software and database engineers are experts in streamlining your applications and databases for cost-effectiveness and efficiency. For example, one of our clients used a local Access database, to store information on his over 4,000 contacts. The web-based application and database solution we developed not only allows him to manage his business remotely, but enabled him to turn his database into a revenue generator by sharing it securely with his clients.

  • Website and Application Optimization - Our hybrid content management solutions coupled with custom web components will give your organization extraordinary capabilities to boost your members’ and customers’ experiences. Content syndication, Web 2.0 features and solid usability practices are just a few of the areas that can advance your Web site. We can even take things a step further and create revenue generating programs using private branding, industry partnerships and automated deployment tools. These solutions will allow you to offer members and customers innovative capabilities of their very own while increasing your organization’s parent brand.

  • Web-enabled Credit Card - Electronic payments have become more complex over the last decade. New payment types, PCI compliance and increased payment fraud require greater attention and more flexible merchant services. Class Five implements most major gateways (LinkPoint,, Verisign) and provides merchant services through First Data. Recent clients have recognized hundreds of dollars in savings and have been able to offer significantly better customer services by updating their merchant capability. Take advantage of our free “fees analysis” and see for yourself.

  • Surveys and Statistical Programs - Industry insight, best practices reports and non-dues revenue production are just a few of the positive results found with online survey capabilities. Affiliate organizations can survey clients, patients or local members. Our engineers developed Class Five’s survey tool over a period of 2 years encompassing more than 10,000 development hours. Whether you want to host a robust or simple survey, our MasterSurvey platform has you covered.